Monday, December 15, 2008

Emusic Q4 08 Recap

The last of the emusic interceptors (My latest emusic pull):

Electric Eel Shock - 'Go USA', 'Transworld Ultra Rock' & 'Beat Me'
NoMeansNo - 'The Peoples Choice'
The Black Angels - 'Directions to see a Ghost'
Thulsa Doom - 'And Then Take You A Place Where Jars Are Kept'
Descendents - 'All', 'Enjoy' & 'Two Things At Once'
Giant Brain - 'Plume'
Goatride - 'A Goat Among the Sheep'
Midnight Evils - 'Breakin It Down' & 'Straight Til Morning'
The Devil Rides Out - 'Volume III'
The Pennsylvania Dutch - 'Drones, Distortion & Repetition'
Ufomammut - 'Snailking'
Whiskey & Knives - 'S/T'
Yeti - 'S/T' (The 2 other Yeti albums are not the same Yeti)