Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Darkness II (2012)

What is better than a Mafia game? How about a Mafia game where you have an extra set of demon arms to help fight?! Didn't play the 1st game, but The Darkness 2, I really enjoyed this one. Good story and not too bad of boss fights. Really enjoyed the sanitarium parts. Good dual wielding gun fights with addition of having extra arms to grab/block/throw things. Heard it was extra short but it took me 8hrs so not bad compared to length of most games.

Hard Reset (2011)

Hard Reset was a good run n gun old school vibe shooter. Really enjoyed the world as it had a nice Blade Runner vibe. Would like it more if they fleshed it out (RPG FPS please!) as it was empty except for enemies. Still a lot of fun. Main game + expansion was nice.