Monday, August 03, 2009

Emusic Q1 & Q2 09 Recap

Skipped the Q1 as I suspended my account for awhile but have now reactived it. Had nabbed some in Q1 but never mentioned it so here it is combined with Q2.

Bad Brains - 'I Against I'
Crossbones - 'Goin To The Show', 'Incinerator Blues' & 'Stick of Rolling Dynamite'
Devillac - 'Devillac' & 'Three Hours to Coma'
Flipper - 'Blow N Chunks'
Fu Manchu - 'We Must Obey'
Inner Mountain Flame - 'Inner Mountain Flame'
Laudable Sepia Dominical - 'Laudable Sepia Dominical'
Los Deloreans - 'Back to Moldavia'
Mclusky - 'That Man Will Not Hang', 'The Difference Between Me And You Is That I'm Not On Fire' & 'Undress for Success'
Melvins - 'A Senile Animal' & 'Nude With Boots'
Minutemen - 'Post Mersh Vols 1-3'
Murdervan - 'Jaundice'
Nebula - 'Charged' & 'Heavy Psych'
Sowbelly Bitchhog - 'Coming Out Squealing'
Turn Me On Dead Man - 'Sunshine Suicide'

Some was getting on mp3 what I had on cassette (Skipped the whole CD thang') - Bad Brains, Flipper & Minutemen. Some was nabbing the other Poison Tree Records artists that tickled my fancy. Some was grabbing my new fav bands I first heard on emusic - Mclusky, Fu Manchu, Nebula & Turn Me On Dead Man.

Meanwhile emusic changed their pricing. While it bumped it up a smidge its still way cheaper than other sources and added a lot more bands (Even if they might be less up my alley its still good). For some weird reason I got a free month out of it too as their site thought I missed a month, which technically I did since I was suspended).

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Latest Artwork

Gettysburg Mechasaurus (1 Aug 09): Started off as Abe as an Astronaut. Then added the dinosaur and then converted it into a mechasaur. The dino then needed some defense/offense so added the turret gun.