Sunday, August 01, 2010

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. :Clear Sky (2008)

Big fan of the 1st Stalker game. Series has quickly become my favorite. Enjoy the openness of the levels, the post apoc setting, weapons mods and game moddability.

Had picked this one up cheap a while ago, played a bit in the swamp and then stalled for one reason or another. Repicked up playing after getting my new rig which helped me enjoy it more since my old rig was way less powerful.

Always enjoy the level designers touches. I like finding and exploring new buildings and seeing the sites. Also like the weird russian dialogs the other stalkers say. I often used the guides to quick travel so I could sell weapons and upgrade my stuff.

Not sure of the mod links but any of the main stalker mod sites should work. Think I mainly used a carry more mod, a mod to open all weapons to modification and/or sellers sell all guns/stuff from beginning and also threw in some mod that changed the faction swamp fights (Supposed to make it easier).

While not as good as the first, it was still fun to revisit the zone. Enjoyed most of it once I was out of the swamp and until the last few levels. At the end (After leaving Red Forest?) it became very linear. Still fun just prefer the open levels.

Have the 3rd game, Call of Pripyat, but taking a break from these. Plowing through some other bargain bin titles I acquired.