Saturday, December 17, 2011

Portal 2 (2011)

Another excellent by Valve. Enjoyed P1 and this one was still fun too. Think I got stuck on 2 puzzles while the rest usually figured it out after a break. Nice dialogue as always.

Metro 2033 (2010)

Really enjoyed Metro 2033. While it is linear, it made sense since your usually underground in a train/subway tunnel. Levels still roomy enough to move around in. A good S.T.A.L.K.E.R. light alternative when you don't want a heavier open ended world.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fable 3 (2010)

Played a bit of Fable 1 on the XBOX. Never played 2. Enjoyed 3 and really liked the art style. Best parts were the Darkness levels. Seemed odd to go from chicken dancing to make friends to those parts (big change in tone).

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas (2006)

Always enjoyed the original Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six 3. Vegas was fun even if a bit lighter than the older games. Cover made up for no leaning. Favorite item was the snake cam to set up targets before charging in :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Android on Touchpad

Read enough about others using Android on their Touchpad so I took the plunge. Not what I used but seems to cover it well (I used multi sources..ugggg)

So far so good dual booting webOS and Android.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Arx Fatalis (2002)

Bought on steam on one of its deals. Never played it when it came out but had read about it. Enjoyed my 17ish hours but didn't finish. Got enough fun out of it but want to move on to something else (Spoiled but fast travel/guide arrows with my shortened time). Magic was hard to do so I only used it for transport, but I enjoyed the combat and feel of the game in general. Good throw back to some old school 3d gaming.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Latest Artwork

Poolsistance of Memory (27 Sep 2011): What Dali would draw while listening to Fu Manchu's 'Action is Go'.

Monday, September 26, 2011

More Touchpad webOS flash game joy!

Using random links to flashgames found a few that ran OK on the touchpad. Used firefox browser to save it as a swf file on my pc and then transfered via usb to the touchpad. Threw the games in a folder called flashgames and then browsed to file:///media/internal/flashgames/game.swf to play it.

Some games work fine and some don't when played this way. Did notice that games play as well online in the browser as they do installed from the browser (No speed difference playing from touchpad compared to online file). I was trying to see if some slower games would speed up if they were local and not on the intertubes.

Ah well, still a nice way to save games to play for when you have no net access.

Monday, September 05, 2011

HP Touchpad - webOS

I was able to snag on of the firesale HP Touchpads a few weeks ago. Never had a tablet and wouldn't ever get one at the current prices but coulnd't resist the uberlow price for the tech.

I used thetweaking guide on to reduce logging, install preware and oc it to 1.5ghz, amongst other tweaks.

Someone figured out how to install flash games onto the touchpad. Which led me to try a javascript based z interpreter for infocom and other IF games (Parchment). Works fine so far and I built a handy little html page launcher (Though only usefull when starting a game and not restoring since those are saved as browser bookmarks).

So far its a fun little machine for the price. Has enough apps so far and the flash browser makes up for what it doesn't have webwise. Makes a handy browser, music player, netflix player (w/ playon streaming from main pc) and now infocom machine.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Precursors (2009)

What other game has you running around in FPS view, able to use multiple vehicles, flying to other planets/space station while fighting land and space enemies? Probably out there, but rare, since its hard to mix so many different genres into 1 game. Really felt like Morrowind but in space.

Played the Russian version (1.1 patch) with fan patch (Wesp5 v1.3). I really enjoyed it even if parts of it lacked. Not the best FPS, nor best Space Sim but mixing them into 1 game made them better then if alone (though maybe other parts would have been better if not trying to do so much..but I like devs going for the ultimate game). What also kept me interested was the art style. Devs seemed to really put a lot into the game even if they couldnt quite get it all to work great.

I liked how open the maps where (in general), the different vehicles you could drive (buggy, plane, spaceship, mech) even if I mainly used the same weapons over and over. Quests were average but something about them being in Russian (with English text) made it more acceptable and helped in feeling foreign/alien [Not sure if it was cultural or translation that made some things read funny]

While not worth a full game price, it was worth the $10 or so I paid. Would really like to see a AAA dev try something like this. Really another gem that the devs couldnt quite get perfect. I still prefer that to just new paint on old game that other devs just pump out yearly.

Going excessive on screens since its a mix of FPS and Space sim with funny dialog. Mostly have 1st planet and last planet as I didn't realize screen shots weren't working at some point in time. :) :(

First city on a desert planet:

Random combat shots:

Random space shots:

Random dialog shots

Couple forums for the game: Deep Shadows (Game Dev), RPG Watch and Space Sim Central

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason (2009)

Bought this ubercheap but finally got a video card that could run it with out uberchugging. Loves me some euro/russian developers and this delivered, though I did cheat mode after losing some fights way too much. Worthy of a play through just for the story.