Monday, September 05, 2011

HP Touchpad - webOS

I was able to snag on of the firesale HP Touchpads a few weeks ago. Never had a tablet and wouldn't ever get one at the current prices but coulnd't resist the uberlow price for the tech.

I used thetweaking guide on to reduce logging, install preware and oc it to 1.5ghz, amongst other tweaks.

Someone figured out how to install flash games onto the touchpad. Which led me to try a javascript based z interpreter for infocom and other IF games (Parchment). Works fine so far and I built a handy little html page launcher (Though only usefull when starting a game and not restoring since those are saved as browser bookmarks).

So far its a fun little machine for the price. Has enough apps so far and the flash browser makes up for what it doesn't have webwise. Makes a handy browser, music player, netflix player (w/ playon streaming from main pc) and now infocom machine.

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