Monday, September 26, 2011

More Touchpad webOS flash game joy!

Using random links to flashgames found a few that ran OK on the touchpad. Used firefox browser to save it as a swf file on my pc and then transfered via usb to the touchpad. Threw the games in a folder called flashgames and then browsed to file:///media/internal/flashgames/game.swf to play it.

Some games work fine and some don't when played this way. Did notice that games play as well online in the browser as they do installed from the browser (No speed difference playing from touchpad compared to online file). I was trying to see if some slower games would speed up if they were local and not on the intertubes.

Ah well, still a nice way to save games to play for when you have no net access.

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James Taylor said...

Hello Nebula 24

Hopefully this will post this time, it keeps glitching.

Do you have any patches installed, I gave it a try but was unable to get them to load.