Saturday, July 31, 2010

Netflix Jan - Jul 2010

Signed up for netflix because it has cheap streaming to the nintendo wii. First tried it on a xbox1 w/ xbmc using playon but it would stutter and have other issues (PC Software did have to process and send it to XBOX). While the wii might have a bit of qualit loss it is uber smooth so far and good enough for me (I want good story, graphics don't matter as much).

So far this year I have watched:
We Were Soldiers, Moon, There will be blood, Watchmen, The Dark Knight, The Prestige, Stalker, The Illusionist, The Hurt Locker, Flags of our fathers, The Blind Side, 500 Days of Summer, Book of Eli, The Office S1-S5, Metropolis, Beer Wars, Lat Jetee, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, THX 1138, Wall-E, Better off Ted S1, Up, The Tick S1 (Live Action), Silent Running, Man From Earth, Omega Man, When Your Strange, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, King of Kong, SLC Punk, Bubba Ho Tep, Dead Like Me & First Men on the Moon.

Latest Artwork

Son of 5 Minute Doodle (31 July 2010): Based on a quick doodle I did at work while waiting for a business objects query to run. Felt I needed to get a work at in 2010. Other stuff still rolling in my mind just having put it to paper yet.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crysis (2007)

Picked this one up on a steam sale with its sequal Warhead. Waited a while since I knew my old rig would cave on it. Actually surprised how well it runs on my current one since while its quadcore and lots of ram, the vid is only a HD 4600. She was still able to handle the game on mostly medium settings @ 1440x900. Still looked very nice and had a steady 30+ for most of the game.

I really enjoyed Far Cry, even the alien parts (except that last bit) and enjoyed this one too. Lots of nice set pieces that were fun to replay. Good physics and AI for the most part. Suit powers were nice though I mostly just used hide or strength when not using bullet protection.

While I often more prefer most realistic FPS, this one still hit that itch even with the power suit. In fact, the suit sort of made this make more sense as to how I was a super soldier, unlike other games where you mow tons of enemies down. You still had to play defensively though and hide a bit to recharge or the AI would take you down.

Good amount of weapons. I mostly went with a sniper gun, an auto rifle and then pistol. Tanks and jeeps were fun and wish the flight parts lasted a bit more or were more open. Also enjoyed how destructable they were (Shoot out wheels to effect steering, etc.). Only thing missing was a ride in the helis I often shot down.

Story wasn't bad. Sort of made me think of Predator in a way. Definitely worth a play through. I didn't even mind the alien parts, which were better in this one than in Far Cry. Need to clear out some other games before trying out Warhead. Won't be too bad even if its more of the same.

I still need to go back to Far Cry 2 and see how they compare/diverge even though its 2 in name only (Diff dev).