Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fu Manchu - Action is Go (1997)

The Fu was one of my emusics new music loves. Good album but not the best. It never shows up on emusic so got it from amazon. Its currently tied for third with 'No One Rides For Free'. Not quite up there with 'Daredevil' or 'In Search Of'.

Turn Me On Dead Man - God Bless the Electric Freak (2005)

Sometime ago I got Turn Me On Dead Man's 'Technicolour Mother' album from emusic. Never heard of them before but really enjoyed it. Good Alt90s/Acid Rock/Beatles influenced sound going on. Got there newest 'Sunshine Suicide' from emusic too and nabbed Electric Freak off amazon since emusic doesn't have it. While not as strong as there other two albums its still good. Nice to like a band that gets better with each album instead of worse.