Thursday, May 25, 2006

Friday, April 14, 2006

A Sampling of My Art

I post most of my stuff on my DeviantArt page but here is a scrap of what I'm currently working on so the one person besides me viewing this page can see it. If you like it voyage off to my deviant page for more images.

This one is called "Ten....Eleven Twelve"

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Lately the sound I like is stonerrock/fuzzrock/garagerock. I grew up on punk and then grunge with a dose of classic rock and metal. Most of what I've been listening to lately can be found on They offer a net station called K666.

First liked west coast punk bands like the Dead Kennedy's, Minutemen and Blackflag. Also dug the Canadian band NoMeansNo. SST, Alternative Tentacles and Amphetamine Reptile were the labels of my youth. Then I went for grunge (mostly SubPop stuff), though the more garage variety, of Mudhoney, Melvins and Tad. Now I'm listening to Lowrider, Mushroom River Band and Astroqueen from Sweden along with Nebula and Fu Manchu from the US [Small Stone, Meteor City & Southern Lord]. Lucky for me has the old and new labels I'm digging for way cheaper than other sites and no drm.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Operation Flashpoint: Update

Since EECP has an old version of ECP (As does Y2K3), I switched to the improved DMA Army Pack which is compatible with the latest ECP. I've also got some other mods that change the setting, such as SEBNAMII for Vietnam, Liberation 41-45 and Invasion 44 for WW2 action. I also grabbed Swedish Forces Pack 4. Whenever possible I use them with ECP to help improve the gameplay.

Missionwise, I like the dynamic missions and templates from DMA Group and have added their anims, especially leaning, to all my mod's configs. For campaigns, I've got 1969 Vietnam (SEBNAMII), Blue Storm (FDFMod), Blue Sky, Insurgency, PMC Fury, PMC Heroes, PMC Rangers, Retaliation, Revolt 1988, Revolution 1983, Talvisto, and Delta Ops 1. I've got a lot more SP missions too for each mod. More than enough gaming to keep me busy. Mapfact's Dynamic AI Creator is also a fun mission editor tool that allows for dynamic missions based on user defined combat zones.

EDIT: DMA has also released GRAA Modpack. Still mainly using DMA Army but play some single missions with GRAA. I also like the SLX Mod of which I mainly use the Grouplink 3 mod to improve the AI (I edit my configs to run it with the other mods). DXDLL is also nice to improve the look of OFP but it used to interfere with Xfire's ingame chat so I uninstalled it.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

RPGs - Baldurs Gate, Gothic, Morrowind & Neverwinter Nights is an excellent source of RPG news, reviews and forum discussion. Subsections of forums include BG series, Morrowind, Gothic, Neverwinter Nights and other RPGs such as Vampire: The Masquerade. RPGPlanet also provides game specific sites.

Baldur's Gate mods (including Tutu to run BG1 in BG2) are at Pocket Plane Group

Gothic 1 & 2:RPGdot's Gothic page

Elder Scrolls site & main forum
Mod sites include: Mythic Mods, including Telesphoro's List o' Mods, TheLys' Mods and Petrell's MW links.

Neverwinter Nights: Bioware site and recommended mod list on OO. Neverwinter Vault also has tons of content.

Tactical Games - Ghost Recon & Swat3

Ghost Recon:
Here are some links to forums and mods for GR
Ghost also has a forum section for other tactical games including Raven Shield.


I'm currently running GR Gold with HX5:Red Sun & Alpha Mod v2.5. AM came with a Standard Upgrade of models for GR so I use that too. Also have the Frostbie mod for winter combat.

Good forum and mod site is 10-David.

2 general sim/tactical sites are SimHQ and Tactical Gamer, both of which have game reviews and forums covering many different games.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Operation Flashpoint (2001)

Recently picked up the old game Operation Flashpoint. I skipped it the 1st time around after feeling overwhelmed by the demo. Now that I've cut my teeth on other tactical games like Ghost Recon and Raven Shield, I've really been enjoying it.

I picked it up on Ebay for $2 for the GOTY version. I've been trying different mods by checking out the posts on the Operation Flashpoint forums.

So far I've mainly tried total conversions such as FFUR, EECP (above pic),Y2K3, FDFMod and CSLA. I'm amazed by the amount of mods (unit replacement, gameplay enhancements, missions/campaigns, etc.) that are available. I should have picked this up long ago but at least I know have tons of gaming to look forward to. An updated version, Armed Assault is also due out in a couple months so I'll be checking that out as well as good tactical SP/MP games are hard to find nowadays.

Besides the forums, other good OFP sites are:
OFP Mission Database
Operation Flashpoint Editing Center

Monday, January 23, 2006

1st Post

Decided to try blogging instead of editing my own html site anytime I wanted to post something new. I also wanted a place to store links to sites I visit or have pages/profiles on. Now to tweak it to fit my needs.