Sunday, August 05, 2012

Syndicate (2012)

Never played the original Syndicate so had no luggage based on it now been a FPS. Enjoyed the game as a shooter with the slow down hud and powers. Not a fan, as most people weren't either, of the excessive lighting and bloom. Not Deus Ex but fun run and gun if got for cheap.

Jedi Academy (2003)

I had played Jedi Outcast long ago but never played Academy. Got it on a steam deal. Looked a bit dated but quickly forgot and just had fun throwing my saber and force pushing storm troopers off ledges. Never gets old. Well, sort of does as I played about 8/10 and then quick. Got tired of rooms full of multi jedis. Still fun game though.

Day Z (2012)

Day Z is a zombie mod for Armed Assault. Haven't played MP in years but enjoyed this while I played it. You spawn with only a pistol, little food and little bandages (least when I played). Then you scavage towns for supples and better weapons while avoiding or fighting AI zombies. On your way you come across MP players who may or may not be friendly. If you die you have to start a new character. You can play any server and it remembers your characters condition/supplies at last log out.