Sunday, August 14, 2011

Precursors (2009)

What other game has you running around in FPS view, able to use multiple vehicles, flying to other planets/space station while fighting land and space enemies? Probably out there, but rare, since its hard to mix so many different genres into 1 game. Really felt like Morrowind but in space.

Played the Russian version (1.1 patch) with fan patch (Wesp5 v1.3). I really enjoyed it even if parts of it lacked. Not the best FPS, nor best Space Sim but mixing them into 1 game made them better then if alone (though maybe other parts would have been better if not trying to do so much..but I like devs going for the ultimate game). What also kept me interested was the art style. Devs seemed to really put a lot into the game even if they couldnt quite get it all to work great.

I liked how open the maps where (in general), the different vehicles you could drive (buggy, plane, spaceship, mech) even if I mainly used the same weapons over and over. Quests were average but something about them being in Russian (with English text) made it more acceptable and helped in feeling foreign/alien [Not sure if it was cultural or translation that made some things read funny]

While not worth a full game price, it was worth the $10 or so I paid. Would really like to see a AAA dev try something like this. Really another gem that the devs couldnt quite get perfect. I still prefer that to just new paint on old game that other devs just pump out yearly.

Going excessive on screens since its a mix of FPS and Space sim with funny dialog. Mostly have 1st planet and last planet as I didn't realize screen shots weren't working at some point in time. :) :(

First city on a desert planet:

Random combat shots:

Random space shots:

Random dialog shots

Couple forums for the game: Deep Shadows (Game Dev), RPG Watch and Space Sim Central

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