Monday, October 22, 2007

Two Worlds (2007)

Based on the demo grabbed this RPG from Reality Pump. Reminds me of Gothic1/2 with some Titan Quest action and item stacking thrown in. While it dragged at times I was always interested in what sites I would see over the next hill. The view distance and sense of height was well done along with a variety of environments and weather, though the starting area was a bit too long and the deserts/other areas under utilized.

While there was limited character choices at the beginning, weapons/armor have tons of variety and all change your appearance. Lots of quests of different depth, some adding tons of backstory. While the main quest was sort of weak and did not force you into doing lots of side quests, I still followed many side quests as I do with RPGs instead of barreling to just the end.

Still prefer Morrowind/Oblivion and the Gothic series, but this was a good try by a smaller dev, especially one not known for RPGs (I have an old RTS from them and unsure of what else they have done.)

Now hoping The Witcher will be good and will run on my old rig since one RPG is done and I can add in a new one to the backlog.

Offical Two Worlds' Site
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