Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Neverwinter Nights (2002)

While everyone else is already over and done with NWN2 and some even its expansion, I'm just now finishing off NWN Diamond Edition. I have now completed the original game, its 2 expansions (Hordes of the Underdark & Shadows of Undrentide), and its premium modules (Witch's Wake, ShadowGuard and Kingmaker).

Think this is the 2nd most played game of mine. According to xfire I've got 183 hours on it. I know I've played it without xfire so its more than that. Only other game that I've probably played more is Counterstrike, but didn't have xfire at the time to track it (Thankfully :) ).

I still want to try other premium modules such as Pirates of the Sword Coast and Wyvern Crown, but am taking another break from NWN for a bit. Not to mention all the user made modules that I have yet to try. So much content for one game..

..And I'm still occasionally playing on some PWs. At times I'm amazed my characters haven't been archived and no longer active on the servers since its rare that I log in. I still like Lands of Always Autumn and Alboria as my 2 main PWs.

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J Short said...

I've tried it for about 20 hours but I was never able to really get into it. It was way too slow for me. It just took forever to play even a simple mission. Did you find a faster way to play or did you simply fall in love with your character? I really like other role playing games that are much faster. I got really into World of Warcraft for a while and I've always been really into the Final Fantasy series. If you've never played them, I particularly recommend Final Fantasy VII an IX!
Happy Gaming!