Thursday, April 03, 2008

Emusic Q1 08 Recap

Even though its not "all you can eat" anymore, I still find Emusic a great deal. I do the 50 downloads/$15 mo (~$0.30 per song)package. They have the sludgy garage rock I like and then some. They are also a cheap way for me to replace some old punk tapes I never got around to rebuying.

Acid King - Busse Woods & III

Blind Dog - Captain Dog Rides Again (I don't like the samples I heard for the 2001 record so only got this one)

Brain Police - Beyond the Wasteland

Daisy Chainsaw - Eleventeen (Replacing an old tape and don't like the sound of the other album)

fIREHOSE - Ragin', Full-On & a track or two from Fromohio & if'n (Replacing old tapes)

NoMeansNo - In the Fishtank (One of the few NMN I don't have)

Red Giant - Devil Child Blues (Already have Ultra Magnetic Glowing Sound)

Sasquatch - Sasquatch & II

Spiritu - Spiritu

Steel Pole Bath Tub - Some Cocktail Suggestions, The Miracle of Sound in Motion & Lurch/Butterfly Love (Already had Tulip and the not shown Scars From Falling Down)

Thrall - Life (Already had Chemical Wedding)

Throttlerod - Nail (Other album samples not doing it for me but I might relisten to them)

I've also been listening to The Glasspack - Powderkeg a lot, a previous emusic purchase. I keep playing "Mrs. Satan", "Mopar Fire Paint", "Demolition Derby" and "Jim Beam And Good Green". I dig the whole album but those 4 songs even more, especially MFP.

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