Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Shogo: Mobile Armor Division (1998)

Had one other old school replay before starting up Quake 4 and Prey. Missing the mecha love so I loaded up Shogo. Think this was the first Monolith game I played. Even with the early Lithtech engines quirks I still enjoyed the game.

There is nothing quite like stomping around in a huge mech. Though while the height felt bigger than on foot and you could stomp cars or people, there wasn't really a sense of inertia. You were able to take a lot more pounding though as I found the mech parts easier than the on foot parts. This is definitely not a sim like Mechwarrior or Heavy Gear but a run and gun FPS. Still fun for the setting though.

While the AI wasn't that great, the weapons are brutal and often 1 or 2 shots takes you down as a soldier. If you hit an enemy first they seemed to not shoot back as long as you kept hitting them so a first strike usually means victory. You also gain back some health on critical hits while as a mech you can collect armor and energy from defeated mechs.

Lots of powerful weapons to choose from. Lots of explosions, smoke, debri and other effects. Its always fund watching the Bullgut's lazy missiles hit a or mech. Took me a while to remember that hitting the weapon's key a second time brought up the zoom feature when applicable.

Levels were good but not great. Story was OK. I remember the game being hard especially the museum level. After the replay I think it was the frequency of 1-2 shot deaths. Still think the main greatness of the game was the setting. While I like Unreal and Half Life more which outshine it in many ways, I still like Shogo for some reason. Would love to see Shogo 2 using the latest Lithtech engine especially after the greatness that was the NOLFs, TRON 2.0 and FEAR.

This was the most horrible death I suffered during the game. I touched an open door and exploded. A few reloads before this I also got squished when a similar door opened and I died. That is not a way for a soldier to die.

I didn't come across any mods of SP worth for Shogo only MP stuff. As its not what I'm interested in I didn't check it out so I have no clue how active anything was.

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