Saturday, April 17, 2010

Last of the Emusic (Q3 2009)

Some time ago I unsubscribed to emusic. I'll go back again but waiting until they restock up on things I want. My last sub to them I hauled in random albums from:

Alice Donut
Angrey Somoans
Church of Misery
Future of the Left (Basically McClusky!)
Giddy Motors
Jello Biafra w/ Melvins & JB w/ NoMeansno
Jesus Lizard
Marginal Man
Painted Willie
Rollins Band
Still Little Fingers

Think that was it. Some was grabbing things to replace old cassettes or getting the full album of bands where I only had a mp3 or two from. Favorite new find was Future of the Left since its McLusky. Once they and Turn Me On Dead Man release something I'll resign up if emusic gets it.

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