Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mirror's Edge (2009)

Mirrors's edge is an interesting change of pace for a game by DICE. No longer tons of gunfights on a battlefield, its mostly just you doing extreme urban running, jumping and climbing from building to building. It feels a lot like playing a first person platformer.

While your mostly in the city, there is a good mix of environments. After jumping and climbing around (and falling!) you do spend some time kicking open doors and running through office buildings, boats, subways and shafts. I only played the story mode, not the speed runs, etc. but enjoyed the level designs/setting.

There are a few gun fights where either you can fist fight them, grab their guns to use against them and sometimes just run away. While the combat felt a bit off, I didn't mind since your character is a courier (even if they prefer the roofs to street) and probably not the best shot.

One big plus is the auto save on this game. When you died, you only had a minute or so to retrack to get where you were. Saves usually occured before most boss fights too so you didn't have to redo whole levels or large sections to get back to where you were. There were only a few spots before big tricky jumps where I wished it saved but it wasn't that hard to get back to that spot.

The style of the game was good too. I liked how they highlighted in red where you needed to go or jump to/from. Also liked the general color scheme. While a lot of the buildings are mostly white, there is still some vibrant colors around. I also liked that there were people and cars way down below you if you peeked down from an edge.

Not sure how long the game actually is but since I played it in spurts it took forever. Worth the $5 or so I paid for it from gogamer. Ah, the joy of waiting until last year's hit games are uber cheap.

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