Monday, February 18, 2008

No One Lives Forever 2 (2002)

I always enjoyed playing NOLF1 and Shogo from Monolith but never picked up NOLF2. Not sure why. Maybe its because I heard it was short so I didn't want to pay full price or maybe because the story wasn't as good as the first one. Picked it up on a trade and finally got to it.

It had a good mix of indoor and outdoor environments. Most levels had multiple paths so you weren't railroaded down one specific road. Even if the end of the level was a specific place you could take multiple ways to it.

It was definately shorter than NOLF1 but still had some nice moments. Xfire still shows it took me 14hrs which isn't bad for a SP game, especially compared to SP length nowadays. Still not the length of older games though. I enjoyed the tornado level and underwater/undervolcano bases are always fun.

Like 1 it has a good sense of humor and pulls a lot of imagery from the Bond and other spy films with the retro60s tech look. While the supersoldier storyline is a bad game cliche those parts of the game were more puzzle like or combat focused without being impossible.

Similar to Tron 2.0 it had upgradeable weapons, armor and skills. While I like the RPGliteness of it, I'm not sure how effective some of the skills were. While my health/armor meter got larger, gadget speed got quicker and searches resulted in more stuff being found, I didn't notice my weapon skills really improve. Still, I liked that it was there and that they attempted it, since its something missing from most newer games.

Some of the boss fights were hard as you had to attack/protect 1 person while enemies spawned from all around. Those were the worst part of the game. Most AI fights were not too bad but they shouldn't be since the superspy should be able to get through the villian's horde. Weird thing is that one of the last boss fights was the hardest part of the game for me and not the actual last levels.

Overall it was still a fun game to play through. Once I get some other games out of the way I plan on replaying NOLF1 to see if I still enjoy it as much as I remember or if its mainly nostalgia. Might need to watch the Bond films before doing so too.

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