Thursday, February 07, 2008

Things To Read When I'm Surfin' Bored

Paleo-Future - Our past's dreams of the future.

Retro-Futurismus - Another retro-future site with nice artwork

Osburne World of the Future Books - Usborne Book of the Future & Usborne World of the Unknown: UFOs - I remember reading these in elementary school and still like the artwork

WW1 Solders Blog - Letters from a WW1 soldier being posted to a blog 90 years after they were written

Shorpy - 100 Yr Old Photo Blog (History in HD)

Crime Library - Covers major crimes, criminals, trials, forensics and criminal profiling by prominent writers

Strange maps - Lots of different maps of different styles

Pictures Of The Past (Now in COLOR!) - WWI, WWII, US during WWII & Vietnam

I'll add more as I find stuff I want to go back and read.

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