Saturday, February 02, 2008

Tron 2.0 (2003)

Finally finished Tron 2.0. Got it in a trade last year and had never started it as I was busy on other games. Really liked the whole setting and vibe of the game. Matched well with the movie, which the game made me want to see again.

Nice variety of levels and I liked the imagination used in creating the insides of a PC. Nice use of colors too. Decent length SP especially when compared to newer games.

Enjoyed the RPGness of upgrading weapons and skills. Nice variety of weapons, though I still mainly just bulked up on armor mods and used my disc along with the sniper rifle. But Tron is all about the disk so was happy to use it a lot.

Enemy AI was decent. While most were easily strafed it was still easy to die if you had too many attacking at once. The boss battles were not too bad. Lucky for me I played after the patch that lets you skip the lightcycles if you die to much. While it took time and effort to beat them it was never frustrating.

I've always enjoyed Monoliths stuff and this was no exception. I still want to go back and play NOLF1 and Shogo but have NOLF2 and FEAR to play first.

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